"No Case" for Docking Ban

The Council of Docked Breeds has responded robustly to a Government consultation paper which suggests a ban on tail docking as one element in a possible future Animal Welfare Bill.

“We would welcome a consolidation of Britain’s animal welfare legislation, some of which is nearly a century old. However, if Ministers decide to proceed with changes to existing laws, we will resolutely oppose any inclusion of a ban on tail docking,” said CDB Secretary Ginette Elliott.

“When carried out properly by a veterinary surgeon, docking is an insignificant procedure which is very important in preventing future traumatic tail injury in adult dogs. No cruelty is involved, and we do not believe there is an animal welfare case to answer.”

She confirmed that the CDB will be making detailed representations to Government and urged owners, breeders and handlers of Britain’s 59 docked breeds to access the consultation questionnaire on the DEFRA website and to respond directly to animal welfare officials.

The CDB DEFRA campaign details can be found here.

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