Congratulations to Standard Poodle,
Best in Show, Crufts 2002
handled by Michael Nilson and owned by Mr & Mrs K Glenna from Norway

Photograph courtesy of the Kennel Club

CDB at Crufts 2002

Experienced CDB representatives were again available for the duration and the main topic of conversation was the Animal Welfare Bill consultation paper and the importance of every docked breed owner replying before the end of April 2002. We were concerned to hear many reports of tail damage in older dogs from overseas visitors, especially Sweden where 17% of all Boxer dogs born since the ban are experiencing tail damage, many resulting in amputation being required.

One imported long tailed Field Spaniel from Sweden had undergone THREE amputations to mend tail damage which would not heal, her Dutch owner told us.

At Crufts 2002 we were giving away "teddy bear key rings" which were appreciated by owners and their dogs alike!
Here an eager dog can be seen "protecting HIS freedom to choose"

our video showing a litter being docked without distress, pleasantly surprised many people who had never seen the simple procedure before

we signed up nearly 100 new CDB members

and we were able to advise many docked breed owners how to best respond to the proposed Animal Welfare Bill.


The winning ticket for our 2002 raffle for the combined TV and Video was pink ticket 305
(ref PV6R 5S4F) purchased by Mrs Hateley of Merseyside.
The raffle was drawn By Gus Burns of Red Mills