Congratulations to breeders in Australia for attacking the threat of further anti docking legislation by forming an Australia wide organisation "Dogbody"

Set up with the aim to preserve and protect the right to own and breed all Purebred dogs and to preserve the right to perform traditional animal husbandry practices (including tail docking.)

It intends having a branch in each state, with one central "office" with a 1300 phone number

National advertising to advise the public of the issues & State to concentrate on individual "hot spots".

A Telephone tree – so members can inundate talkback radio, newspapers, politicians etc., on issues as soon as they arise.

Contact and inform Politicians and governments constantly with articles in Newspapers, Dog magazines etc.

Started by - Nancy Keck, Pat Hall & Alan Candlish

Contacts P.O. Box 123


Phone: 0417 425 110

0427 980 136

02 9627 2199

Website at