Congratulations to the Kerry Blue Terrier

owned by MR R RAMSAY

Photograph courtesy of the Kennel Club

CDB at Crufts 2003

Experienced CDB representatives were again available for the duration and the main topic of conversation was the Animal Welfare Bill which DEFRA are currently formulating and to which the CDB have submitted evidence. We were again concerned to hear many reports of tail damage in older dogs from overseas visitors, especially those where a docking ban has been in place for many years and dogs are experiencing tail damage, many resulting in amputation being required.

At Crufts 2003 we gave away over 2000 "CDB teddy bear key rings" which were appreciated by old and young alike. (Photo (c) Nick Mays)

Our new "island stand" enabled us to have two videos running showing a litter being docked without distress, which pleasantly surprised many people who had never seen the simple procedure before

we signed up over 100 new CDB members

and we were able to advise many docked breed owners on the progress of the proposed Animal Welfare Bill.


The winning tickets for our 2003 raffle for TWO combined TV and Video sets were:

1) Karen Davies, Isle of Wight with Ticket no:746 security no N656 8S4B

2) Mrs A Gwinnell, Cornwall with Ticket No: 58 Security no RN1M YX56

Both prizes were despatched Tuesday 11 March 2003 by Business Post.

The raffle was drawn by Malcom Williams of Red Mills on the last day