Latest News - November 2000

Every year in November, the UK Kennel Club hosts an excellent exhibition, "Discover Dogs" introducing dog lovers to just about every breed of dog recognised in the UK. After being accepted at Crufts for the first time earlier this year, the CDB was delighted to be invited to have a stand here as well.

Experienced CDB representatives were available both days and enjoyed offering advice and membership information to those who supported our aims and debating the docking option with those who were either against docking, were undecided or simply had not considered the issue. We met a wide range of dog lovers, with a wide range of opinion. Most visitors to the stand were able to voice their opinions eloquently, only a very few felt unable to engage in sensible discussion.

We received many more reports of injuries to undocked examples of traditionally docked breeds from trainers, boarding kennel owners, and owners alike, along with several owners who had thankfully not experienced any problems to date.

Sadly, we were also told of an increasing number of undocked dogs that were being given to rescue societies to rehome due to owners being unable to cope with the more exuberant breeds like Boxers who had injured their tails or young children with their "whip like" tails.

We received thanks from many breeders who we had previously put in touch with veterinary surgeons prepared to dock their litters. Offering an efficient service is sometimes very tiring and their appreciation was encouraging.

The few we met who were against docking were mostly able to discuss the issue sensibly with us and we were grateful for the opportunity of expressing our point of view. Whilst we had to agree to differ with a couple of visitors, there was also those who had not seen our video before and were shocked at the obvious lack of distress to puppies docked by the banding method.

An enjoyable two days and we hope to experience the same at future events being planned.

Setting up at discover dogs

Setting up day is such fun!

getting busy at Discover Dogs

Our stand generated a huge amount of interest

Still busy on day two at Discover Dogs

Chatting with some of the visitors