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Please note that the Constitution of the CDB was changed 18th November 2007, due to the implementation of the Animal Welfare Acts

The CDB no longer has a telephone help line, so please check the following to answer your question:

  1. If you are looking for a vet to dock a new or imminent litter, read below
  2. If you are looking for the forms required to be completed by a vet who has agreed to dock your litter click here
  3. If you wish to report tail damage to a dog of the traditionally docked breeds,  click here
  4. If you wish to report hygiene, health, medical, rescue or social problems concerning a dog of the traditionally docked breed, click here
  5. If you want to know which puppies can still be docked click here
  6. If you want to join or renew membership to the CDB click here
  7. If you want to know what the new objectives of the CDB are, click here
  8. If you have any further questions and wish to email us, click here

Vets who still dock

Docking is illegal in England and Wales except for a few working breeds & then only if you match certain criteria which can be viewed here.

Docking is illegal in Scotland for all breeds, working or otherwise.

Most vets who docked prior to the new Animal Welfare Acts, did so only for CDB members, to ensure they had access to our legal advisors should the RCVS have attempted to discipline them. The majority have not continued to dock under the new administrative requirements, as it leaves them open to persecution by the RCVS.

Please note the following if you are a working dog owner and believe you are exempt from the docking ban.

The CDB has been offering members introductions to docking vets for over ten years, but this service has now ceased for two reasons;

1 - we can no longer guarantee veterinary coverage throughout England and Wales due to the huge decrease in numbers of vets docking under the new regulations.

2 - our offer to finance the defence of vets disciplined by the RCVS for docking, has had to be withdrawn as our income has reduced dramatically since show dogs can no longer be docked.

If you are a working dog owner and you are a member of the Countryside Alliance or the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, you are best advised to contact them. They framed the regulations with DEFRA so presumably did so in conjunction with vets happy to offer the service under the new regulations.

Their telephone numbers are as follows:
Countryside Alliance 020 7840 9200 or BASC 01244 573019

If you wish to join the CDB

Membership of the CDB has now closed for new applicants and we will not be seeking renewals from current members. We have arrived at this decision as we are unlikely to be able to offer members any benefits for several years.

New Objectives

The following objectives were agreed at the EGM 18 November 2007 and replace those previously in force;

  1. The Council insists that the tail docking option should be legally available for all traditionally docked breeds, and that any restrictions work against animal welfare. The Council campaigns for the reintroduction of the tail docking option.
  2. The Council will monitor and record tail damage problems / hygiene problems / health, medical, rescue & social problems, along with all other incidents caused through the lack of tail docking and present to the appropriate authorities at a time deemed to be appropriate.
  3. The Council will encourage veterinary surgeons to support and assist our stance and Objectives.

Contact the CDB

Please only contact the CDB if you question is not answered anywhere above or on this site. Please note that as there are no longer any help line operators, any reply may take a few days.

You can send an email by clicking here