Long Tailed Scandinavian Boxers

If the UK were to follow the Scandinavian Countries and ban docking, the resulting long tails would introduce a variety of tail carriages:

The first variation is the half out, then down carriage.

The second variation is a drop down, then up carriage.

The third carriage is straight out.

The final version is the up and over.

Breeds which have been docked over many generations have been selected for specific qualities of build and confirmation, but not for tail length, shape and carriage.

If left undocked, it is unlikely that the best dogs would carry good tails. In seeking to maintain the quality of the breeds, breeders would therefore be left with a diminishing number of suitable sires and dams. The genetic gene pool would be reduced, greatly increasing the risk of hereditary diseases taking hold. Some breeds could even disappear for ever.