Current tail docking situation in EU Countries

We are attempting to list every EU Country and entries are believed to be correct as at 5th July 2010

If you have any further information, please contact us

Country Banned? Exceptions? Can show? Ban coming?
Austria   Yes some Yes *  
Belgium   Yes      
Bosnia and Herzegovina   No Yes     
Bulgaria   No Yes  
Croatia   Yes  
Cyprus   Yes Yes  
Czech Republic   Yes No  
Denmark   Yes No  
Estonia   Yes Yes   
Finland   Yes No  
France   No Yes  
Germany   Yes     No  
Greece   No ** No Yes  
Hungary   No     Yes  
Iceland   No     Yes  
Ireland   No Yes  
Italy   No     Yes  
Latvia   Yes?     No?  
Lithuania           Yes  
Luxembourg   Yes     Yes  
Malta           Yes  
Moldova   No     Yes  
Netherlands   Yes     No  
Norway   Yes     No  
Poland   No     Yes  
Portugal   Yes     Yes  
Romania   No     Yes  
Russia   No     Yes  
San Marino   No     Yes  
Serbia   No     Yes  
Slovakia           Yes  
Slovenia   No     Yes  
Spain   Part     Yes  
Sweden   Yes          
Switzerland   Yes          
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia           Yes  
Ukraine   No     Yes  
United Kingdom  (except N. Ireland) Yes some No  
Northern Ireland No possibly

Yes * = can only show from Countries where it is allowed

No** = it is banned in greece but the ban is ignored

Part - Banned in some parts, not in others