Tail Damage Reporting

Reports of tail damage to previously docked breeds are starting to surface now dogs born after the ban approach adulthood.

Please contact the CDB urgently if you aware of any dog which has damaged its tail since the ban.

In order to collate information, it is important to gather information as early as possible and to obtain photographic evidence of the damage BEFORE any amputation is carried out by your vet. The CDB is prepared to finance the cost of professional photography where appropriate, so please do not hesitate to contact us early.

We have devised two reports for you to complete even if treatment has commenced;

1 - Please complete the owners report. A pdf copy is found here a Microsoft Word format here

2 - Please download a veterinary report for your vet to complete. A pdf copy is found here a Microsoft Word format here

If you prefer, just send us an email for now

Once you have completed any of the above forms, please scan and return them to damage reports or email us for a postal address if you are unable to scan the documents.

Thank you for your assistance.